Multiple Teams · Purple Pride in a sport and off the court

Purple Pride in a sport and off the court

By Daniel Dempsey

BGHS senior Mackenna Thompson has been playing volleyball since her 7th grade year at St. Joseph Catholic School. She was inspired to do so by her mother, who also played throughout her middle and high school years.

“Throughout my years playing volleyball, I have learned lifelong lessons,” said Thompson, who shared that she has learned to work with her team to accomplish a goal. “Another would be to overcome the challenges as a player and as a team and to keep trying no matter what,” she said.

These things drive Thompson both on and off of the court. According to Thompson, playing volleyball gave her the chance to explore her boundaries as a student and a player, and it gave you the opportunity to meet younger students from different grade levels and different schools.

This year’s season was the end of Thompson’s volleyball career, but she hopes to remain involved in athletics. At Western Kentucky University, Thompson will study exercise science, in which she hopes to help others with sports injuries or physical disabilities. “With this degree, I could possibly help the future volleyball players around Bowling Green and stay active in the sport,” she said.

Thompson has enjoyed her experience in the BGHS volleyball program. “I would never want to play for any other team than BGHS,” she said. “I feel that playing for the city school district opens up opportunities for me to learn more in class while playing volleyball.”